Panchdhatu Ring 4.8 Carats Adjustable Peridot Ring For Women


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  • SIZE ADJUSTABLE RING: Suitable to all Girl / Women having ring sizes between 6 to 15.
  • PANCHDHATU RING: Real Pure Panchdhatu Ring is made up of Gold, Silver,Zinc,Copper and Iron.
  • CERTIFIED GEMSTONE: Certified from reputed laboratory
  • ASTROLOGICAL RING: open from back and gemstone touches the finger.

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Data sheet

Brand GEM
Gemstone Weight 4.8 Carats / 5.25 Ratti
Stone Peridot
Color Green
Material sterling-silver
Number of Pieces 1 pieces

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This panchdhatu ring is suitable for Women having ring sizes between 6 to 15 as per Indian ring size standards. Size of this ring is easily adjustable by hand. Olive Green Peridot stone is one of the most desirable color in gemstones. Gemstone is left open from the back side for rays to pass through and reach finger properly. Gemstone lab certified by a govt recognised laboratory. It is also a substitute for very high quality emerald stone. Pure Panchdhatu Ring with 22 Karat gold plating. This panchdhatu ring is made up with 5 Dhatus or metals namely Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Iron.