Natural Blue Topaz (Pukhraj) 6.12 Carats Certified Pure Gemstone


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The blue topaz should be studded in a gold ring and worn on the index finger, on a Thursday, which falls in the shukal paksh.

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Gemstone Weight 6.12 carats
Stone topaz (pukhraj)
Color blue
Material Non-Precious Metal
Stone Shape oval
Stone Creation Method natural
Number of Pieces 1 pieces

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  • Mantra: The following mantra has to be recited 108 times to attain the blessings of the planet Jupiter (Brihaspati) for more benefits. "Om Brim Brihaspatye Namah (ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नम:)".
  • Increasing the power of your concentration, this precious gemstone enables its wearer to be more creative and ahead in the academics.

Blue Topaz (pukhraj) is one of the twelve breastplate stones of the High Priest referred to in the Book of Exodus. The breastplate stones are considered sacred to twelve mighty angels who guard the gates to Paradise. Silver Topaz is colorless & untreated. Colorless topaz is often irradiated & heat treated to form Blue Topaz (pukhraj). Silver Topaz is also called "Blue Topaz". Topaz makes an ideal gemstone. A good hardness & desirable colors, combined with a relative abundance and availability make it one the most popular gemstones in the world. The most valuable colors of Blue Topaz are the golden Orange Blue type, called Imperial Topaz, and the dark pinkish-red and orange-red colors. Value increases with a deepness of color in orange and reddish hues. The most commonly used colors of Topaz in jewellery are the Blue types. Topaz Gemstone ranges from colorless (white) to Blue, orange, red-brown, light to dark-Blue, pink to red, violet and light-green. This is the reason why it can be mistaken for many other gemstones. Naturally colored topaz gets its color from iron and chromium. the impurities cause color, whereas pure topaz gemstone is colorless.

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